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Title: Audition (1999)
Rating: πŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸ‘½
Podcast: Feb. 20, 2023
Podcast Hosts:
Podcast Guests: No Guests
Tagline: She always gets a part.
Language: ja
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  • Screambox (subscription)
  • Fandor Amazon Channel (subscription)
  • Screambox Amazon Channel (subscription)
  • AsianCrush (subscription)
  • Hi-YAH (subscription)
  • ARROW (subscription)
  • Tubi TV (ads)
  • Midnight Pulp (ads)
  • Kanopy (free)
Overview: Seven years after the death of his wife, widower Shigeharu seeks advice on how to find a new wife from a colleague. Taking advantage of their position as a film company, they stage an audition. Interviewing a series of women, Shigeharu is enchanted by the quiet Asami. But soon things take a twisted turn as Asami isn’t what she seems to be.
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